We can do this the easy way. Or the hard way.


Sometimes we keep doing things a certain way. Sometimes there is a better way.

We became Reduxio partners because they brought something new to the party.

We demonstrated it to some of our existing customers that we have had a long term relationship with. They liked what they saw. It resolved some of the issues that they were facing.


Why use snapshot backups when you can travel back in time with BackDatingTM?

  • Instantly recover data from any second in the system’s history

  • Stop scheduling snapshots – recover with no upfront setup
  • Forget about consistency groups – data is inherently consistent across volumes
  • Never miss a backup – BackDating’s data protection that never goes down

  • Use with leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®




Recover 100TB in seconds with NoRestore® | Instant data recovery.

  • Instantly recover and access data from remote location, 3rd-party storage, private or public cloud

  • Move large capacity data sets across locations in a split second
  • Does not require additional software or hardware to acquire and manage
  • RPO/RTO of seconds, no matter where your data resides – on-premise or cloud


Tired of endless migrations? NoMigrate™ | Instant data teleporting

  • Instantly migrate physical and virtual workloads from third-party storage
  • Works with any iSCSI storage

  • Direct storage-to-storage IO with no impact on servers

  • No more migration projects – volumes are immediately imported

  • Actual data copy occurs in the background



Maximize your capacity savings with in-line, in-memory deduplication and compression

  • Why store the same blocks again and again when you can dedupe them upfront with NoDup®?
  • In-line, In-memory – Performed before the data gets written to media, increasing the effective cache size and usable capacity

  • All data is deduped and compressed on the fly. No need to give up reduction as a compromise for performance

  • Global reduction across cache, flash and disks, across volumes, clones and history

  • Store up to 7X more data – Combined block-level dedupe and compression

  • Single copy of VMs – Hot, duplicate VM data blocks only stored once in memory, maximizing VM performance with minimal capacity waste


We are very excited about Reduxio and the real benefts they bring to our customers and others. To help you find out more, we are hosting a series of webinars and live demonstrations.  To find out more, please call us on 0207 043 6124 or email us



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