Converged Primary and Secondary Storage: The New Age of Data Management

Learn what New Age Data Management looks like with Reduxio


There’s a well-known saying : in life, the only constant thing is change. This is never truer than in the IT industry where change is brought about by a constant evolution of data management and consumption. The rate of data growth is leaping, along with the need to properly manage it and protect it. Why?

4 reasons why you can’t leave your data unmanaged or unprotected


      1. As application providers find new ways to enhance businesses and private consumers’ lives so does the way in which their data moves and is stored by myriad service providers.
      2. The value of that data is also changing. With monetisation of data content and streams, and the increasing requirements for legal compliance making it necessary to provide demonstrable evidence of steps taken to secure, and store data for longer than ever before.
      3. As the value of the data grows, so does the monetary value of the time taken to restore that data.
      4. More organisations rely on data as the mainstay to their businesses than ever before and that the costs to business of data loss is significant. The ability to recover data quickly, for whatever reason, is essential in order to minimise the negative commercial effects and knock-on to productivity because of an unforeseen event.
Change in the IT industry is brought about by a constant evolution of data management and consumption.

Data Management until now

In order to preserve data and take steps against its loss, it’s necessary to have some form of backup and/or archive in place. But a backup is only useful if it can be restored and the quicker data can be restored, the less commercial and productivity effect it will have should a scenario arise requiring restoration.

Traditional server backup technologies require some form of client software installed within servers that monitor data storage, and change, and send this to repositories for safe keeping. This data is almost always sent and stored in some form of proprietary format or vendor specific snapshots and uses valuable resources on the servers or end point devices.

The upside of a proprietary format is that it usually includes some form of compression and deduplication making the space used at the storage location, and data transmission more efficient. The downside is, once compressed etc. it has to be re-hydrated which takes time and resources to achieve. Also of note is the regularity with which the changed data is sent and the number of copies that need to be stored.Oh, and it’s probably a good idea to have at least one person in the organisation that understands the way this works, can check regularly to ensure that the backups happened when they should and catch up on failures.

This is how a typical data center has been functioning until now. It is obvious that the individuality of the solutions requires additional, costly resources for configuration and synchronization to ensure the full efficiency of the system. Sounds complicated and time consuming? It is.


Enter Reduxio.


New Age Data Management

By converging primary and secondary storage management, Reduxio has a unique approach in data management that fulfills every IT Manager’s dream. How cool would it be if you no longer needed to worry about the cost and complexity of proprietary backup software? How cool would it be to recover data to any second since the platform was installed, in seconds, and there was no storage penalty for keeping this level of granularity?

And by the way, there is NO overhead on server resources which, since patches to protect against Meltdown and Spectre exploits will be stealing your valuable compute, will help to ensure your server environments stay fresh and critically protected against things like ransomware and accidental errors/deletions while you wonder what to do with the spare time you have since you don’t have to be the backup admin anymore.

Take a look at Reduxio. We don’t want you to lose data. Ever.

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This post was written by Mike Fiore.

With over 35 years in Telecommunications and Cloud, Mike has worked in network and service provisioning, network management, 3rd line support, presales and sales roles. Most recently he had a 9 year tenure at Telstra in cloud, hosting and security and a quick 6 month stay with Vodafone as a cloud sales specialist. He has also worked in Thus, MCI WorldCom, Cable and Wireless, Nortel and others at one time or another. Mike had training with EMC, VMware, Cisco, AWS and others too numerous to mention. He is passionate about technology, loves Motorcycling and Cycling to keep fit and for enjoyment. He loves to share knowledge, to teach and also do DIY and car mechanics in his spare time.

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