Why we chose Nutanix

We provide unbiased products that are right for our customers, a decision based on  where they are on their unique journey.
We always pick best-of-breed products and, clearly Nutanix is leading the pack.
We believe Nutanix is the best enterprise cloud platform there is.
Certainly the most innovative.
Don’t just take my word for this, have a look at
There are a couple of videos explaining how Nutanix works. One is short and the other a bit more detailed.
Video 1 – Short:

Video 2 – Detailed:

I like videos, but I like hands on, having a go and using the kit to get a better feel for it.
If you feel the same way, we have our own Nutanix lab set up and working so if you want to see it in action  and have a play with it, give us a call: 0207 043 6121

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